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Solar Battery

Install a solar battery in your home or business and store the power your solar panels generate for use day and night.

Solar Battery Storage

Everyone has different energy needs. Our Trusted Experts will listen to your requirements and consult with you to decide what storage system would suit you best.

When you install a Solar Battery, the excess energy your solar panels generate will be sent to your battery. This stores the sun’s energy throughout the day, often when you are at work. You can then schedule your battery to deliver the stored power to your house when you need it most, such as peak times in the night when the sun has gone down. This puts you in control of your power and drastically reduces your power bills.

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How Solar Battery Works


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BYD partners with Solar Australia....

To Introduce New Innovative Home Energy Storage to the Australian Market.

BYD introduces its latest B BOX product

After a trusted partnership of 5 years; Solar Australia are excited to announce the release of BYD's new line of residential and commercial products. Solar Australia have been pivotal in providing local engineers to assist in producing the product for the Australian market and infrastructure.

BYD is the worlds largest provider of integrated renewable energy solutions. It is the only company that specialises in four comprehensive industries including solar modules, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and rail transportation. They have chosen to launch in Australia because it is currently one of the most attractive markets for Solar PV and storage deployment. A combination of the expiry of various state-based feed-in tariff schemes, high and rising electricity tariffs and plentiful sunshine make battery storage coupled with rooftop solar extremely attractive to households and businesses.

The BYD range of products has a number of advantages that is not found across all other home battery solutions.

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